Re: Turkiye KDE Akademy and Gnome Guadec 2011 Application Proposal

One thing that isn't clear to me is the relationship between this
application and Pardus itself.

The question is important because Pardus is a GNU/Linux distribution
which contains nonfree programs.  (The application talks about "open
source" rather than "free software" -- perhaps not a coincidence.)  A
high profile public tie between GNOME and Pardus would not be proper
while that policy continues.

However, if the application is from people who happen to be involved
in Pardus, rather than from Pardus as a project, that issue does not
arise.  In general, we shouldn't refuse help and support from people
on account of their other unrelated activities.

If we do accept their application, we should explicitly ask them to
say "free software" rather than "open source" when describing GNOME.

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