Stormy's Bonus - 10/09 to 03/10

GNOME Foundation:

A few weeks ago the GNOME Foundation completed Stormy Peter's bi-annual
review process.  This review is for the period from October, 2009
through March, 2010.  For this period, Stormy was awarded a $4,970
bonus.  Stormy's maximum bonus per year can be $24,000.

Following is a report that provides a brief justification for how the
board arrived at the bonus amount for each category.  Note that the
dollar amount in parens after each category section and subsection
shows the yearly maximum that can be achieved for each goal category.

Fund Raising

 + Friends of GNOME

   The Friends of GNOME bonus is calculated annually at the end of the
   fiscal year, so no bonus in this review period.

   Bonus $0 (out of $1,500 max)

 + Increase revenue

   * $30,000. IBM adboard fees.
   * $5,000. Collabora support for a sysadmin.
   * $11,000. Additional hackfest money - The GNOME Foundation already
     brought in $11,000 more than we expected all year for a total of

   For total increased revenue of $46,000, the bonus of $450 for every
   $10,000 equals $2,070.

   Bonus: $2,070 (out of $4,500 max)


 + Manage the GNOME 3.0 Marketing Campaign

   Although there was some good progress in developing the GNOME 3.0
   Marketing campaign at the Marketing hackfest last November, there is
   still a lot left to do.  The board would like to see more substantial
   GNOME 3 marketing material and more of a marketing effort happening.
   The board hopes that the Marketing hackfest in Zaragoza will help
   things to leap forward so that the bonus will be larger in the next
   review cycle.

   Bonus = $0 (out of $2,000 max)

 + Managing a Successful Release

   The board decided to wait to pay out in this category until the next
   review cycle since it should be easier to determine the overall
   success of the GNOME 3 release at that time.

   Bonus = $0 (out of $2,000 max)

 + Managing the Press

   The GNOME Foundation has had more press releases in this six month
   period than in the previous couple of years and put together the
   press team led by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier.

   Bonus = $500 (out of $2,000 max)

Community Building

 + Improving GNOME infrastructure

   Stormy has been a great team builder and gets a lot of good work done
   keeping the GNOME community organized.  Stormy has also been working
   more closely with Rosanna and helping to ensure that tasks are
   getting done on time.  Her work to help foster and build out teams
   like the press team, the marketing team, the travel subsidy team,
   and the women's outreach program has been particularly notable.  In
   this area, Stormy really shines, and deserves a $1,000 bonus.

   Bonus = $1,000 (out of $2,000 max)

 + GNOME Mobile

   The GNOME community seems to be getting better at developing a Mobile
   story, but there is still so far to go.  Lacking a real success in
   the mobile space, the board feels that no bonus is warranted in this

   Bonus = $0 (out of $2,000 max)

 + Developing World

   Stormy was very involved with putting together a GNOME presence at
   Idlelo, FOSS Nigeria, GNOME.Asia, and several events in Latin
   America.  The board feels that we are starting to see results in
   this area, warranting a $400 bonus.  That said, the board would like
   to see more outreach going forward.

   Bonus = $400 (out of $2,000 max)

Eyes And Ears

 + CRM

   Although the CRM system is set up, it is not yet fully configured or
   being fully utilized.  The board decided to wait until the next
   review cycle to allocate this bonus when it is more clear how
   successful the CRM system becomes.

   Bonus = $0 (out of $2,000 max)

 + Marketing Assets

   A lot of good work developing marketing assets has been done
   (especially for the event box) which warrants a $500 bonus.  However
   the board feels that the GNOME community is not as far along as we
   would like in terms of marketing, nor are our existing marketing
   assets as visible as we would like.  The board expects that the
   recent Marketing hackfest in Zaragoza will help to accelerate things
   so that the bonus will be larger in the next review cycle.

   Bonus = $500 (out of $2,000 max)

Discretionary Bonus

Overall the board is very happy with Stormy's ongoing progress and feels
that a lot of good work has been done in this review cycle.  For the
many things that Stormy does which are not broken down into the above
goals, a $500 bonus is justified.

Bonus = $500 (out of $2,000 max)

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