Re: Foundation IRC meeting, January 30th

El sáb, 30-01-2010 a las 12:53 -0500, Og Maciel escribió:
> Co-located Hackfests
> It was brought up by zana and seconded by others that a co-located
> hackfest prior to a possible co-located bigger event such as GUADEC
> would make more sense, as we could get people from different
> communities discussing and collaborating on similar issues, sharing
> their pains/knowledge and trying to pool together processes and ideas
> for dealing with them. Then, a co-located GUADEC could schedule
> co-located sessions where these teams would present their findings,
> etc, etc.

Big +1, it would make a lot of sense. With the current proposal for
co-location we have overlapping activities: catching up with GNOME pals
and sharing time with new people from KDE. I feel catching up with old
pals steals most of the time.
I think this idea is great :-)

Any idea for one?

> I am planning to write up a proposal for a co-located localization
> hackfest where we could gather a few representatives from different
> communities (think KDE, Xfce, GNOME, LXDE, etc) to discuss about the
> types of issues their respective projects are facing, how they've
> solved it, what is there to be improved, etc. The objective is to shed
> a light on what some of the common issues are and share general
> knowledge that will hopefully improve their own processes.

Great! check and feel free to give
feedback on the suggested recipe :-)

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