Re: Meeting Minutes Published - January 7, 2010

Hi Federico,

Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Co-location would be awesome.

I agree - but this time, we need to do it right.

> The schedules for the KDE and the GNOME tracks need to coincide.

I agree. Break time needs to be at the same time.

Last year, this was the case originally (we were co-ordinating) but the
GUADEC content committee decided to lengthen talk slots - unformtunately
this desynchronised both talk start & end times and break times.

More than that, I think that we need to have one content committee. Or,
at the very least, one schedule, not Akademy & GUADEC be scheduled on
different web-pages where attendees don't see the contents of the other

For example, in the freedesktop days, there were two "freedesktop KDE"
tracks and two "freedesktop GNOME" tracks, with little mixing.

> Were the lightning talks combined, or were they separated between
> GNOME/KDE?  I can't remember.  They need to be combined so that both
> projects get to see each other's cool stuff :)

Combined. They were during the keynote sessions, after lunch.

> [2] Hot damn, the entire "A pattern language" online!


One way to make common social space is to find the biggest open space
you can find, and put tables & chairs out.

Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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