Re: Call for Talks - FOSDEM 2010 (GNOME devroom)

Hi, best wishes for 2010!

2009/12/13 Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau gmail com>
Hi everyone,

As for the last few years, we'll have a GNOME devroom next year at FOSDEM (6/7
feb in Brussels), and as always, we want *YOU* to give a talk about
the cool project you are hacking on in this devroom

Please send your talk proposals before Friday 8th January. With the end of year
holidays, this deadline will come *really* quickly, so the sooner you send a proposal,
the better (before the holidays is great ;).

Just a reminder, the deadline is coming in quickly :) Thanks to all of those who already sent talk proposals, if you want to talk in the devroom, don't wait any longer :)



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