Re: GNOME: lack of strategic roadmap

On 2/22/10 11:27 AM, "Dave Neary" <dneary gnome org> wrote:
>> * It seems we have lost the mobile battle. Can we do something about it
>> or simply retreat?. I like the idea of creating more components and some
>> of this components can be added to the GNOME mobile platform.
> Have we lost the mobile battle?

We seem to have forfeited a sizeable chunk of it to date, unfortunately.

> It certainly appears that GTK+ has lost
> the mobile battle, but all of the hard work that GNOME hackers have put
> into the middleware platform and components like Gstreamer, Dbus,
> Telepathy and Pulseaudio are now cornerstone parts of both the free
> desktop and the mobile platform.

Well, we've certainly managed to place GNOME at an enormous disadvantage
with respect to an alternative, quasi-open-source platform, like Android,
largely through a couple of years' worth of inattention and, more
importantly, an ongoing failure to engage with the commercial mobile
ecosystem in any positive and meaningful way. Hopefully, some efforts might
be made to correct that in the coming year; whether or not that actually
happens, or will be effective if it does, is very much up in the air in my

The viewpoint held in some quarters which is directly hostile to such
engagement has been a negative factor for us in the past and continues to be
one. Google, for all that its Android efforts have been competitive to
GNOME's interests in the mobile space, has done a much better job here.

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