Re: CENATIC Report on the International Status of Open Source Software 2010

Dear Mr. Diaz,

I read in the report:

> Since Richard Stallman began the GNU/Linux project in 1983, the open source
> software development model has evolved towards new forms of cooperation
> revolving around the basic concept of a community of developers.

Well, RMS did not start GNU/Linux in 1983, simply because Linux (the
kernel) was born in 90s.
RMS started the GNU project. GNU system software, compiled on the
Linus Torvalds' kernel, is now the core of GNU/Linux Operating Systems
like Ubuntu, Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora, Red Hat, Suse, etc.

GNU can be compiled on other kernels, for example the new brand Debian
GNU/kfreebsd is a GNU system compiled on the FreeBSD kernel. On the
other hand, the Linux kernel works with different userlands, like in
Google Android system (now the most selled OS for smartphones) or in
uCLinux systems (used in routers and microcontrollers).

The statement in your report seems to say that RMS strarted the "open
source development model", but RMS started the Free Software Movement.
Open Source camp was born later as a "fork" of the community that
doesn't talk about freedom in software but pretty only about practical

I'm not sure about the existance of one "open source development
model". Many software projects that use the term "open source" are
really cathedral-like and there are many nuances between cathedral and

Ironically, the Bazaar[1] vcs is a GNU package.

About your report:

it is very interesting. Regarding my country, Italy, I can assure you
that central government has today no policy about Free/Libre Open
Source Software. The FLOSS observatory was dropped some months ago and
the minister for public sector and innovation subscribed an agreement
with Microsoft.
But we are Italian so many of us ignore the central government
directives :). The situation of FLOSS in Italy has lights and shadows.

RMS was in Italy some days ago for a meeting with Apulia Region
President, Nichi Vendola, talking against the Region agreement with
Vendola is a very important person in Italy and should become the next
prime minister candidate for center-left coalition. We hope Vendola
realized his mistake: he now seems committed to Free Software.


Guido Iodice, blogger, GNOME user, Associazione Software Libero - Italy Member.


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