Re: Meeting Minutes Published - July 25, 2010


On 25.08.2010 23:09, Brian Cameron wrote:
>     * Bank Account in Euros (€)
>           o It has been a long-standing action item to set up a bank
>             account in Euros.
>           o The benefit would be to collect money in Euros and to
>             reimburse people without needing to pay transfer fees. The
>             GNOME Foundation pays over $1,000 per year on such fees.
>           o Do the costs of setting up such an account outweigh the
>             fees?
>           o To set up such an account, The GNOME Foundation will likely
>             need to set up a non-profit legal entity and a bank account
>             in Europe, or find an organization to help manage this.
Hm. Well, there is a German GNOME Foundation which, AFAIK, is a proper
German legal entity with all rights and duties, i.e. donations can be
deducted from the tax.
German GNOME community doesn't seem to be that active anymore, though.
Bottom line being: I think such a legal entity already exist (in
Germany) and it could probably be used to manage such an account.


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