Re: gobby server

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 3:08 PM, Jeff Schroeder
<jeffschroeder computer org> wrote:
> Adding cc so the relevant parties are informed.

Thanks for making sure this got to the right places Jeff.

In doing some additional testing (granted I'm not a Gobby veteran), it
appears that security can be done per-instance but not per-document.
Connection to the server can be password-restricted, but as far as I
can tell that access control can't be limited per-document. My
proposed solution to this would be to run multiple instances of Gobby
on different ports.

For example, we could run one instance on a non-default port and
configure it as password protected to be used by the board. This would
allow for the privacy that the board discussion requires.

We could run another instance on the default port for general community use.

If this type of separation sounds reasonable I'll continue to
configure it as such and we can move onto the testing stages.

Thank you,

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