Meeting Minutes Published - July 15, 2010

The meeting minutes for the June 24th GNOME Foundation board meeting
is now published.  Refer here:

Other past board meetings are archived here:

-- text of the latest minutes follows --

Minutes for Meeting of July 15, 2010

Next Meeting

    * July 25th, 2010 at GUADEC


    * Andreas Nilsson
    * Brian Cameron
    * Diego Escalante Urrelo
    * Emily Chen
    * Germán Póo-Caamaño
    * Jorge Castro
    * Og Maciel
    * Paul Cutler
    * Rosanna Yuen
    * Srinivasa Ragavan
    * Stormy Peters
    * Vincent Untz


    * Bastien Nocera


Recurring Items

    * Review past action items.
    * Did each person with action items send their status reports to
      the board list before the meeting?
    * Approve and make sure that minutes of last meeting were published
      to foundation-announce and foundation-list.
    * Make sure to start up the gobby server for better note taking.
    * Update website.

New Items

    * Welcome to new board members, and fairwell to members stepping
      down from the board.

    * Reassigning key action items:
          o ACTION: Diego to send an email to board-list to pass on the
            internal-review-process hat
          o ACTION: Og will take over from Diego and talk to John and
            Ronaldo Padula (Loja Geek Depto Comercial).

    * GNOME IRC Meeting Update, and schedule for next meeting
          o Attended by few Foundation members including Board members.
            Updates on various topics have been included in the minutes.
          o To improve attendance at future meetings, the Board agreed
            to prepare an agenda prior to the next meeting, which is a
            month after GUADEC and a month before GNOME 3.0.
          o ACTION: Paul will organize the next GNOME Foundation IRC
            meeting and create an agenda.

    * Meeting planning for GUADEC
          o GNOME Advisory Board Meeting Update
                + Advisory Board meeting will be on Tuesday, July 27th
                  at 09:30am local time.
                + ACTION: Stormy will mail the agenda for the GNOME
                  Advisory Board meeting.
          o Board meeting:
                + Board meeting will be held on Sunday, July 25th at
                  09:30am local time.

    * Feedback from membership about Stormy's bonus
          o The board will rework how information about Stormy's bonus
            and performance reviews moving forward. The process will be
            to focus more on getting better feedback about GNOME
            Foundation goals in general.

    * The Board is negotiating with requests for additional funds from
      the GNOME.Asia Summit organizers
          o ACTION: Emily to mail the list about final GNOME.Asia
            financial situation so that the board can make budget

    * Boston Summit
          o Venue fee is higher than compared with previous years. This
            is in part due to our need to change the date.
          o ACTION: Stormy to work with John (J5) Palmieri to
            negotiate the costs for the Boston Summit.

    * Desktop Summit 2011: comments on the bids, participating in
          o Updated bids from:
                + Berlin
                + Bulgaria: No response.
                + Istanbul
          o ACTION: Paul and Brian have volunteered to help out with
            the Desktop Summit 2011 bid interviews.
    * Free Agent t-shirt.
          o The Board approved printing 100 t-shirts.
          o ACTION: Brian to make arrangements to print 100 "Free
            Agent" t-shirts to have at GUADEC.

    * 2010 Q2 GNOME Quarterly Report Update
          o ACTION: All board members - The Board agreed to review the
            2010 Q2 GNOME Quarterly Report draft sent by Brian.

    * Annual Report update
          o ACTION: Paul will send an email update about the Annual
            Report to the board.

    * GNOME 3 as a Foundation goal:
          o Discussion has been started on foundation-list with few
            responses. Need to invigorate the discussion. The Board
            plans to run another survey to try and get more useful
            feedback from the community. The last survey did not
            generate very useful information, but we could likely get
            better information by asking about technical and
            non-technical goals separately.

Completed Actions

    * Germán - Will contact the students from Bangladesh who requested
      an invitation letter to find out details about what they need and
      to address the concerns raised by the organization. -- Bharath
      Acharya took care of it, the details were received and an
      invitation letter was sent on July 9th, 2010.
    * Stormy - Will contact Eitan Isaacson to make sure that plans are
      made to get a booth a CSUN.
    * Stormy - Will follow up with Om Chandra (a teacher of Ministry of
      Education, Youth, and Sport of Cambodia and an E-Learning
      Training Coordinator of Open Learning Program of Open Institute
      NGO) to find out if he should receive travel subsidy to GUADEC.
      Suggested that he attend GNOME Asia and that we then follow up
      with some local training.
    * Stormy - Will publish the results of our GNOME Foundation Goals
    * Stormy - Will set up a doodle survey to figure out the time for
      the future board meetings.
    * Vincent - To send a Thank You note to Fernando for representing
      GNOME at Idlelo.
    * Board members - Must read the bids received for the Desktop
      Summit 2011 and make comments or propose questions that have not
      already been raised.

Status of action items

    * Bastien - Will try to find people who can consolidate the
      feedback about the Texas Instruments Zoom2 device to provide back
      to Texas Instruments.
    * Bastien - Will help Stormy identify some opportunities how to
      best use the money provided by Nokia.
    * Brian - Get information about what should be in an "Employee
      Handbook". Draft approved by board. Now under review by the GNOME
      legal team.
    * Brian - Develop trademark usage forms for common use cases. James
      Vasile from legal is working with Brian on this.
    * Brian - Will track progress of GNOME.Asia event organization.
    * Brian - Will provide to Bastien the feedback received so far
      about the Texas Instruments Zoom2 devices.
    * Diego - Taken over from Stormy. Will work with Gil Forcada from and gnome-marketing to define the best way for
      organizations like to participate in the GNOME
      community. Not many replies from the community. Diego will draft
      something more concrete for gnome-marketing to determine the best
      name and process for managing this. There was a discussion on the
      mailing list and a few good ideas, Diego will wrap them up and
      send them again for further comments.
    * Germán - Will share the financial data that was provided to the
      advisory board to foundation-list.
    * Germán - Will follow up with Shaun McCance about how the board
      can help with his proposal for funding developer documentation.
      There will be a BOF on Developer Documentation at GUADEC +
      further conversation with Shaun might help to clarify what would
      be needed.
    * Germán - Will talk with the GUADEC organizers to find out what
      happened as a result of the discussion about the terms and
    * Germán - Will help Paul put together the Financial Report for the
      Annual Report.
    * Germán - Will update the Travel policy to cover the extra costs
      (such as visa, vaccinations, etc.) when the board requests that a
      representative attends an event on behalf of GNOME Foundation.
    * Germán - Will write a template that people who fill out bids can
      complete that can be made public.
    * Jorge - Check records of organizations with existing contracts to
      use the GNOME trademark. Taken over from Vincent. Look at the
      archives in 2005 and try to determine which companies can use the
      GNOME trademark. Know what kind of contracts we had with them.
    * Jorge - Will reach out to Linaro to see if GNOME can more
      effectively work with them.
    * Paul - Will send an email to the foundation-list and the gnucash
      list seeking someone to take over the GnuCash automation. Taken
      over from Behdad.
    * Paul - Will lead putting together the GNOME Annual Report.
    * Paul - Will follow up with Germán about the financial data for
      the Annual Report.
    * Paul - Will talk to the sysadmin team about setting up a gobby
      server for the GNOME Foundation board to use for minute taking. -
      In progress - waiting for external IP from Red Hat for new VM
    * Paul/Germán - Automate the process of entering PayPal information
      into GnuCash. Taken over from Behdad.
    * Rosanna - Research the GNOME Guidestar website and update if
      necessary. Rosanna sent an update about the status of Guidestar,
      but work is still needed. Need to find someone to keep the
      website up-to-date.
    * Rosanna - Will apply for the GNOME credit card. Status: Filled
      out initial application, have appointment next Wednesday with the
      bank to continue process.
    * Stormy - To schedule a meeting with companies that do consulting
      work with GNOME to start discussions on how we can help (how can
      we work together). Sent email. Got a couple of positive
      responses. Hoping to meet at GUADEC.
    * Stormy - To follow up with the Advisory Board about acquiring a
      second machine. Email sent, but no response yet.
    * Stormy - Set up a Euro bank account. This is on hold for now.
      Talked to SFLC about setting up a European nonprofit as an
      option. Not something we need to do now.
    * Stormy - To follow up with Orbitz to find out if the GNOME
      Foundation can pre-purchase travel tickets. Pinged them several
      times. Exchanged emails to set up a time - they didn't respond to
    * Stormy - Will write a proposal how to spend the money from Nokia
      to improve GNOME mobility based on discussion. Bastien is doing
      some research on this.
    * Stormy/Vincent - Will ping the GULEV Free & Open Source Software
      Conference 2010 organizers and provide them with a list of
      potential GNOME speakers in Mexico.
    * Vincent - Update the blog and planet to highlight that people are
      expected to sign and follow the GNOME Code of Conduct. BLOCKED:
      Waiting for Jorge's action on Code of Conduct.
    * Vincent - Work with Michael Meeks and Bradley Kuhn on a policy
      for copyright assignments. ONGOING: just need to announce it.
    * Vincent - Create a Philosophy page on the GNOME Wiki. ONGOING:
      need to solidify the wiki page a bit, asked Luis to work on
      licensing policy.
    * Vincent - Will help Stormy collect names of possible speakers for
      GULEV Free & Open Source Software Conference 2010" (GFOSSCon) to
      be held in Cancún, MX. ONGOING: didn't get any new names (I was
      told the organizers could ping the people directly :/)

New Action Items

    * Brian - To make arrangements to print 100 "Free Agent" t-shirts
      to have at GUADEC.
    * Brian and Paul - Have volunteered to help out with the Desktop
      Summit 2011 bid interviews.
    * Diego - To send an email to board-list to pass on the internal-
      review-process hat
    * Emily - To mail the list about final GNOME.Asia financial
      situation so that the board can make budget decisions.
    * Og - Will create a new wiki page to explain the process for
handling emails sent to security gnome org * Og - Will take over from Diego the task to work Jonh to determine
      how Ronaldo Padula (Loja Geek Depto Comercial) should send
      profits to the GNOME Foundation and then work with Ronaldo to
      finalize arrangements. The Brasilian Free Software Association is
      likely to help us out here, on the plus side we will also be able
      to take "boleto" donations.
    * Paul - Will organize the next GNOME Foundation IRC meeting and
      create an agenda.
    * Paul - Will send an email update about the Annual Report to the
    * Stormy - Will mail out the agenda for the GNOME Advisory Board
    * Stormy - To work with John (J5) Palmieri to renegotiate the costs
      for the Boston Summit.

Discussed on the mailing list

    * The board agreed the next GNOME Foundation board of directors
      meeting will be held on July 15th, two weeks before the
      face-to-face board meeting at GUADEC.
    * The GNOME Foundation has received confirmation for rooms at MIT
      for the weekend of November 6th. MIT is wanting to charge money
      for the facilities this year and negotiations are underway.
    * The GNOME.Asia Summit organizers requested that the $5,000 (USD)
      that The GNOME Foundation is holding for them be transferred to
      their account to cover costs. They asked for $4,225 (USD) in
      additional funds to cover the costs of the event plus $5,640
      (USD) to cover travel costs.
    * Planning for the GNOME IRC meeting on Saturday, July 10th:
    * Planning for the next Advisory Board meeting.
    * Planning for the 2010 Q2 GNOME Quarterly Report. People
      responsible for sections have been asked to provide content.
    * Planning for Developer training at GUADEC.
    * Review of bids received for the 2011 Desktop Summit and
      preparation to make the bids public.
    * The results from the survey ran in January to find out what the
      GNOME Foundation thinks are important Foundation goals were
o o
    * Discussion about completing the Annual Report.
    * Review of sysadmin applications received, now starting interview
    * Jonh Wendell suggested using the services of "Associação Software
      Livre Brasil (ASL)" in order to make it easier for people from
      Brazil to donate to GNOME. They would keep 10% of incoming money
      as a fee and also bank taxes and all administrative taxes. For
      example, for each Boleto, there is a fixed tax of R$4.00, no
      matter the value of the donation. So, if one wants to donate
      R$100.00, actually he has to pay R$104.00. R$4.00 goes to the
      bank, R$100.00 goes to the GNOME-BR account. Then at the end of
      the month, R$10.00 (10%) goes to the ASL entity. This idea is
      under consideration.
    * Discussion about making public Stormy's last bonus review (for
      the time period 10/09 to 03/10).
    * Brian Cameron and James Vasile provided an updated GNOME
      "Trademark Agreement for User Groups" document and the board is
      reviewing it.
    * Discussion about printing the "Free Agent" GNOME t-shirt:
    * Discussion about being ready for GNOME 3.0.
    * Discussion about finalizing the GNOME Speaker Guidelines.
    * Discussion about waiving Advisory Board fees for nonprofits.  The
      GNOME Foundation currently waives them for several 501(c)(3)
    * Discussion about how to best engage with Om Chandara, a teacher
      of Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport of Cambodia and an
      E-Learning Training Coordinator of Open Learning Program of Open
      Institute NGO.
    * Discussion about who should receive the Thank You pants at GUADEC
      in 2010.
    * Discussion to help and mentor new board members.
    * Richard Stallman asked about "GNOME Open Desktop Day" and
      requested that this sort of event should be more clearly
      associated with free software rather than open software.

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