GNOME Q3 2009 Quarterly report

The GNOME Foundation would like to present the Q3 2009 Quarterly report (HTML version).[1]

Q3 is always a big quarter for the GNOME Foundation and this one was bigger and better than usual. During Q3 we had our annual GUADEC, and GNOME 2.28 was released with lots of preparation work for GNOME 3.0. OSiM Mobile was well attended by GNOME Mobile member companies and products that use GNOME Mobile technologies like Moblin 2.0 and the Nokia N900 were released. We've raised $23,415 through Friends of GNOME so far this year! Our Advisory Board members have been very generous as well and we have many hackfests planned for Q4!

Read on[2] to hear what GNOME teams have accomplished in Q3 and what they are planning for Q4!



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