Candidacy: Hubert Figuiere

Name: Hubert Figuiere
Mail: hub figuiere net
Nick: hub
Affiliation: None


I have been involved with Free Software for a decade or so, mostly working on the application side: AbiWord, gnote, etc. I have attended several Free Software conferences as resources permitted and given talk on several occasion. I have a true faith in GNOME and what it brings to users of Free Software, and I truly believe that's where the future is.


With the past achievements of the Foundation, I believe that the board is a great asset to GNOME as a project, and as I have never been member of the board (nor even a candidate), that I could bring fresh hands and eyes. If elected to the board I would do my best to serve GNOME's (and the Foundation's) best interest and help pushing it GNOME on the non-coding aspects.


I'm based in Canada.


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