Re: 2009 Current Year Budget

On 14/05/2009, at 5:58 AM, Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:

2009-05-11 klockan 07:50 skrev Jaap A. Haitsma:
However Openedhand and Imendio are as far as I know a commercial
company. Don't they financially help the foundation in 2009?

It seems to me both companies no longer exist:

- Opened Hand was acquired by Intel [see 1];
- Imendio no longer exists, but its business has been (partly?) continued by
 former employees under a new name: Lanedo [see 2 and 3].

Perhaps those logos should be removed from the listing of foundation

I think it depends on what the time frame was for their advisory board fees - if we've already gone into the new year, then it makes a lot of sense to remove. If we haven't, then I'd keep them up there and bask in their memory :)


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