Re: 2009 Current Year Budget

Hi Jaap,

Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:
> If I compare the spreadsheet with the sponsors listed on
>  I see that not every sponsor pays a
> contribution.

The foundation rules are:
* Advisory board members are by invitation only
* Non-profits pay no contribution to be on the advisory board - this
rule applies to Debian, FSF, SFLC, MoFo, Sugar Labs.
* For-profit companies pay an annual membership fee.
 * Large companies (>50 employees): $10,000
 * Small companies (<50 employees): $ 5,000

> I can imagine that non-profit do not have to pay to become a
> foundation member. Though I think a non profit like Mozilla has so
> much revenue that you could ask for a contribution I think.

We do, we have. Mozilla is a regular generous supporter of the
foundation - including a contribution to the Accessibility project last
year, and regular sponsorship of GUADEC.

> However Openedhand and Imendio are as far as I know a commercial
> company. Don't they financially help the foundation in 2009?

OpenedHand is now a subset of Intel, who are a paying member of the
advisory board.

Imendio has ceased operation; I believe that we have made contact with
Lanedo, the company which has taken over most of Imendio's employees and


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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