Tracking volunteer time

Hi all,

Wondering if this is the kind of thing that GNOME could do to (a) keep
on the right side of 501(c)3 requirements, (b) more accurately reflect
the time and effort we put into the foundation, and (c) help with

The idea is to demonstrate value through volunteer time, as a
justification for fundraising. If you need $30,000 to provide $80,000 of
worth, then it's an easier sell to potential benefactors.

To quote the article: "by portraying their group as a $185,000
nonprofit, the hotline leaders showed the scope of what the organization
contributes to the community and the tremendous support it gets. In this
context, needing only $45,000 to deliver this many hours of lifesaving
support is a real bargain."

Just an idea - wondering if others think this would be useful, or just
too much hassle.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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