Re: Questions for the candidates

On 06/09/2009 11:31 PM, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

What do you think GNOME should do to support the
broader cause of free/libre software,
and the freedom of computer users?

I think the "look, our source code is Free Software" argument has lost a
lot of appeal in where GNOME has headed in the past and continues to
head. Free-ness is just one of the multiple reasons why GNOME is "Good".
Usability, a11y, i18n, etc are equally important. So I don't think GNOME
can afford supporting the free/libre software cause more than, say, FSF

Reading this after a good night's sleep, I think I didn't exactly write what I mean. What I mean is:

While freedom is not our only selling point from a marketing point of view, it's perhaps the most important ingredient of how GNOME works, and we should embrace it where we can. I support GNOME's involvement with the broader cause of software freedom. I like us get more involved in issues like software patents or DRM, perhaps by partnering with FSF. Thinking about it with my board hat on though, chances of that happening will be much much higher if FSF just asked us. We never got any request, and well, been busy enough with other stuff.


On the freedom side however, that's where GNOME cares. A lot. Open
standards, open formats, no lock-in, etc, are *very* important to
achieve our goals of usability, a11y, etc, and I like to see GNOME work
more closely with FSF and other parties on fighting against free
standards issues as well as freedom of owning one's data.

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