Re: New GNOME Foundation Members

On do, 2009-06-04 at 21:30 -0300, Bruno Boaventura wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is proud to present the new members:
> - Brad Taylor
> - Nils Faerber
> - Paul Cutler
> - Pockey Lam
> If your name is on the list above, you're welcome!!! Feel embraced!
> Being part of GNOME Foundation you're contributing more with GNOME.
> If you aren't on the list, and you are close of one of them, please
> say "Welcome to GNOME Foundation" and embrace them.
> At your service,
> GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

Hi to all new members! Welcome!

Dear membership committee:

Would it be possible to include a small bio of these people when you
announce their membership? IIRC, applicants have to give it anyway, so
it's just a matter of copy-paste. Most new members don't introduce them
(no hard feelings for that), so it would be nice to have some way of
knowing who the unknown names are and what they do (that'll help
building bridges in the community).

This has been asked quite a lot of times before. Can we at least get an
official yes/no as to whether we'll see this happening?

Apart from that: keep rocking, you guys are doing a great job :-)


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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