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  Thank you for taking the GNOME DVCS Survey.  This survey is run on behalf
  of the GNOME Foundation board of directors, release team, and sysadmin team.
  The GNOME project is planning a possible move from SVN to a distributed
  version control system in 2009.  The contenders for the system to use are
  bzr, git, and hg.  The aim of the survey is to help us better understand
  familiarity and preferences of our active contributor base regarding the
  future version control system for GNOME.  The survey results will be
  informational and will be sent to foundation-list and desktop-devel-list
  upon completion.

GNOME contributors with an SVN account who had an SSH key installed on their
account were invited to fill in the survey.  A total of 1083 account holders
were invited, and 579 filled in the survey.  The survey results are now
available to the public:


Elijah Newren did an initial analysis of the data.  His analysis also includes
the survey questions and answers.  Find it at:


If you analyze the results, please reply to this thread and also leave a
comment on my blog post linking to your analysis:




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