Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

    As it says in the footer of Planet GNOME:

    *Planet GNOME automatically reposts blog entries from the GNOME community.
    Entries on this page are owned by their authors. We do not edit, endorse or
    vouch for the contents of individual posts."

This might be adequate for legal purposes, but even when readers
remember seeing it, it won't have much effect on the message they
get from reading the site.

Most people take for granted that proprietary software is normal and
legitimate; they have never seriously considered that it might be
unjust.  When they see, on a GNOME-sponsored site, a blog by one of
the developers of Screw-U-sers discussing progress on the new
version, they think that GNOME has the same view.

The existing GNOME Planet disclaimer won't tell them otherwise, But
maybe a different disclaimer would help, one that specifically
addresses this issue.

Here's one idea for a disclaimer that might do the job:

   Some of the postings here way discuss proprietary software in a way
   that says, or takes for granted, that it is legitimate.
   The GNOME Project regrets these postings and invites everyone
   to use only freedom-respecting software.

So this is my third suggestion.  First I proposed a narrow rule,
then a broader polict of posting official responses, and third
a more articulate and clearer disclaimer.

Other methods my work, too.

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