Sorry, but even the subject of the osnews article is poor

There simply never was a plan about splitting up from GNU other than
Philip has raised this as last consequence in a (quite useless,
personal, etc.) discussion with RMS. Read the whole thread (it's less
than 1000 messages...) if you really want to see the point of the
discussion if it in the end still had one.

Without wanting to be rude, you are the perfect example that I think
this mailing list should be
* private
* members only
because otherwise we end up with even more noise on so called
"News"-sites that is mostly wrong and isn't any good on the project.

In the end I would like to ask you to not spread such nonsense and to
try to check that "News"-articles really have any substance.

Thanks and regards,

Am Montag, den 14.12.2009, 22:50 -0800 schrieb Krsna Das:
> Dear GNU/GNOME people,
>      I just subscribed today because of an article I read on
> (
> I am not a political person, and for that reason I avoid to enrol in
> such lists. However, this topic is something that I cannot remain
> silent about. GNOME is a beautiful desktop (even though I use only GTK
> from it) and is a great piece(s) of software that really uphold Linux
> usability. I refuse to use KDE because of QT's funky license and hence
> why I advocate GTK. If the Gnome project disagrees with Richard
> Stallman, fine, but if it dares to split from GNU than it. Gnome might
> as well split completely from Linux and go make your own OS. I am
> sorry if this seems intense but it hurts to see the free software
> community to fight like this.
> Just my 2cents,
>     kdas
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