Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

Le 09/12/2009 20:35, Brian Cameron a écrit :

I think we are mashing together a bunch of issues. So, in effect, are
we looking for:

[0] a way to measure what could be appropriate content for Planet GNOME
[1] a way to prevent non-free or equivalent software being "marketed"
via the Planet
[2] a way to handle the consequences if there is either inappropriate
[3] a way to handle the consequences if there is a pitch for software
that is orthogonal to GNOME values

Is it possible to provide filters so that people who are interested in
different types of blog entries can focus on what is interesting to
them? Some people may only be interested in seeing technical
information, and others may not want to see distro-specific things,

If it is done on the browser side (which cookies and some JS magic), it would exclude RSS readers. And to have it at the Atom/RSS level, it would mean having two different planets configuration.

Frederic Crozat

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