Meeting Minutes Published - August 6, 2009

The meeting minutes for the July 15th and July 23rd board meetings
is now public.  Refer here:


* Zeitgeist hackfest in Bolanzo, City of Largo hackfest, and GNOME.Asia
  Summit planning is underway.
* Consider getting involved with the Festival Internacional de Software
  Libre 2009 Chiapas Mexico.

Also note that I sent the announcement of the meeting minutes for
July 3, 15, 23rd meetings to foundation-list, but not to
foundation-announce.  Apologies.  You can refer here to see past

-- text of the latest minutes follows --

Minutes for Meeting of August 6, 2009

Next Meeting

August 20, 2009


    * Behdad Esfahbod
    * Brian Cameron
    * Diego Escalante Urrelo
    * Germán Póo-Caamaño
    * Lucas Rocha
    * Rosanna Yuen
    * Srinivasa Ragavan
    * Stormy Peters
    * Vincent Untz


Recurring Items

    * Review past action items.
    * Approve and make sure that minutes of last meeting were sent.
    * Make sure to start up the gobby server for better note taking.
    * Sysadmin hiring - waiting for funding.
    * Update website.

Old items

    * None

New items

    * GCDS press release is out, so we can now publish the minutes for
      the two previous meetings.
          o ACTION - Brian to publish meeting minutes.

    * Finalize and approve plans for OSiM.
          o OSiM is the Open Source in Mobile conference which will be
            from September 15-16 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
          o The board approved paying for Dave Neary's hotel fees.
            Vincent will also attend, but his expenses will not be
            covered by the Foundation.

    * Stormy compiled feedback from her discussions with advisory board
      members, and will send out a summary of this feedback to the
      foundation-list, with a small introduction. The document is
      currently in draft form and will be made public as soon as it is
          o ACTION - Stormy to email feedback from advisory board

    * Stormy will take care of making the GUADEC survey results public,
      with an introduction to highlight it was a survey and not a vote.
          o ACTION - Stormy to make GUADEC survey results public.

    * The Free Software Foundation invited the GNOME Foundation to do a
      joint outreach program to promote women in open source. The board
      is supportive, but we need to find volunteers to run the program.
          o ACTION - Diego will send an email to the gnome-women
            mailing list and otherwise try to find people to help

    * The GNOME Foundation will do a joint FSF announcement to support
      diversity. The FSF is working on a first draft. This should not
      block the decision about whether we do a joint outreach program,
      as mentioned above.
          o ACTION - Stormy to keep following up with FSF.

    * The Foundation insurance agent recently asked the board if we
      would like to do automatic renewal. The board decided no.

    * There was discussion about doing a Zeitgeist hackfest in Bolanzo.
      We received a budget from Daniel Siegel with proposed dates
      (November 9-12) and list of attendees. The board decided to pay
      for the event even if we do not find any sponsor.
          o ACTION - Vincent will contact advisory board members to see
            if they will sponsor.

    * Dave Neary sent the board a proposal to partner with the Mobile
      User Experience conference in London November 17-18th, This was approved.
          o ACTION - Vincent will ask Dave if he can take
            responsibility for the GNOME parts and make sure someone
            from GNOME can attend, perhaps Paul Cooper.

    * Discussion about printing the annual reports.
          o ACTION - Lucas will look into the costs of printing the
            annual report and how many annual report copies should we
            print, and report back to the board. Lucas will also check
            with Rosanna to find out how many copies were printed and
            left over from last year's printing.

    * City of Largo hackfest update. Lucas had a meeting with Dave
      yesterday, and will send out the minutes from that meeting to the
      board tomorrow with the details. Wondering about whether one
      topic vs two topics would be best (gnome-shell & deployments are
      candidates). We can do both if all attendees are each on one
      topic. Else, we probably want to focus on gnome-shell since it is
      more urgent for the community.
          o ACTION - Lucas to send out minutes from the Largo hackfest

    * Discussion about doing next year's budget.
          o ACTION - Lucas to work on budget since he is now

    * Find a good time for the next meeting - For now we will keep the
      meeting at the same time. (Thursday, 17 UTC, and the board will
      check again in 2 months after Germán gets more free time)

Action Items

Completed Actions

    * Brian - Publish past board minutes. Done.
    * Brian - Find out status about GNOME.Asia Summit this year. There
      was an IRC meeting between the organizers in Vietnam, the
      organizers from last year's event in Beijing, Brian, and Stormy.
      Much of the preliminary details for arranging the event were
      discussed. They have three options for venues in Ho-Chi-Minh-City
      which will provide the space at no cost, but in exchange for
      making them a sponsor. Current proposed dates are November 20-22.
      They need to work on a budget, and to get the website updated. A
      follow-up meeting is planned.
    * Lucas - City of Largo, Florida hackfest organization. Planning an
      IRC meeting next week and will let the board know when the IRC
      meeting will happen. The IRC meeting has happened, but Lucas
      still has an action to publish the minutes.
    * Lucas - Send KDE & GNOME board minutes to the KDE board to be
      reviewed before they are made public. The KDE board provided
      comments and the updated minutes were published by Brian.
    * Stormy - Putting the 401k program for Foundation employees is
      still in process. Document reviewed by SFLC and signed. To be
      mailed tomorrow morning.
    * Stormy - Setup Google Adwords. Done.
    * Stormy - Compose the GCDS press release. Done, published by
    * Vincent - Check to make sure that gnome-legal is still alive
      since Luis is not going to be able to focus so much energy on
      this. Done: it is alive. Luis will review the list of subscribers.
    * Vincent - Find people to help organize the next GUADEC. Done
      during GUADEC: Vincent pushed a few people.

Old Actions

    * Behdad - Tasked with scrubbing the GnuCash file so it can be made
      public. Still pending.
    * Brian - Get information about what should be in an "Employee
      Handbook". Still pending.
    * Brian - Since there was little interest on the foundation-list
      about getting international general liability and accident
      insurance, the board decided to not pursue getting such coverage
      at this time. Brian agreed to follow-up with the lawyers to find
      out what sort of text we should include in the travel subsidy
      agreement to ensure that people who receive subsidy understand
      that the Foundation is not providing coverage. An email was sent
      to the GNOME legal team, awaiting response.
    * Brian - Follow-up on legal-private gnome org to ensure that Luis'
      old items are being managed. An email was sent to the GNOME legal
      team, but waiting response.
          o Review of charter and bylaws and work towards a new draft.
          o Address GNOME logo trademark issues.
          o Should the Foundation endorse the Franklin Statement on
            Freedom and Network Services:
    * Diego - Contact the sysadmin team about account creation. Talk
      with Bruno about who needs accounts. Diego has done a lot work
      contacting people about this, and is close to completing this
      task, but is still pending.
    * Germán - Put together a proposal for how to address board members
      who become inactive. Still pending.
    * Germán - Take over J5's previous task to propose new obligations
      that people who receive travel subsidies should be asked to do in
    * Germán - To send an apology email to the journalists from LWN and
      Ars Technic that we did not end up flying to GUADEC. Still
      pending, priority #1.
    * Lucas - Work with Andreas for the donation ruler. Try to put $15k
      in the ruler in "yellow" ($10k for Canonical, $5k for Google) to
      indicate that these funds are matching.
    * Lucas & Alberto - Set up a Euro bank account.
    * Rosanna - Research the GNOME Guidestar website and update if
      necessary. Rosanna sent an update about the status of Guidestar,
      but work is still needed. Need to find someone to keep the
      website up-to-date.
    * Rosanna - to send check to pay 401K setup fees.
    * Srini - Ping J5 for status about importing Paypal data into
      GnuCash. J5 was pinged, but no response yet.
    * Srini - Put out call for GUADEC hosts. First check with Stormy
      what questions the bidders should answer so that we can take an
      informed choice. Draft completed, but still under review.
    * Stormy - GNOME Foundation needs a CRM. Dave Neary agreed to set
      up one, he just needs to be told which one. Stormy will research
      over the next week.
    * Stormy - Should the GNOME Foundation buy a blanket LWN
      membership. Very low priority. Will bring it up with Jonathan
      Corbet when they next meet.
    * Stormy - Start discussion on marketing list for our plan for
      activities for next year, including raising fees.
    * Stormy - Contact advisory board members about raising fees. Will
      do this after the discussion on the marketing list, probably next
    * Vincent - Check with Luis about Franklin St.
    * Vincent - Implement an automatic reminder email for meetings.
      Still waiting for the time of the bi-weekly meetings to be
      settled before doing this.

New Action Items

    * Brian - To publish meeting minutes now that the GCDS press
      release is done.
    * Diego - Will send an email to the gnome-women mailing list and
      otherwise try to find people to help organize.
    * Lucas - Will look into the costs of printing the annual report
      and how many annual report copies should we print, and report
      back to the board. Lucas will also check with Rosanna to find out
      how many copies were printed and left over from last year's
    * Lucas - To send out minutes from the Largo hackfest meeting.
    * Lucas - To work on next year's budget and annual report since he
      is now vice-treasurer.
    * Stormy - To email feedback from advisory board interviews.
    * Stormy - Will take care of making the GUADEC survey results
      public, with an intro to highlight it was a survey and not a vote.
    * Stormy - To follow-up on the joint FSF announcement to support
    * Vincent - Will contact advisory board members to see if they will
      sponsor the Zeitgeist hackfest in Bolanzo.
    * Vincent - Will look into who the GNOME Foundation should send to
      the Mobile User Experience conference, perhaps Paul Cooper.

Discussed on board-list

    * Stormy has found a volunteer to lead our customer case study
    * Further ongoing discussion about the best way to respond about
      the fact that some people at the GCDS were offended by Richard
      Stallman's keynote. The board is seeking advice from appropriate
      persons and waiting response.
    * Got approval to publish the minutes of the GNOME/KDE boards
      meeting during GCDS.
    * Open Source America went live: the GNOME Foundation is now a part
      of this effort.
    * Rosanna succeeded in getting a non-profit rate in Paypal (charges
      are now 2.2% + $.30 instead of 2.9% + $.30)
    * Forwarded a trademark infringement issue to the legal team.
    * Discussed sponsorship options for hackfests with various
      potential sponsors.
    * Got updates about the GUADEC 2008 finances.
    * Published the GCDS press release.
    * Received invitation to a Mexican event, the Festival
      Internacional de Software Libre 2009 Chiapas Mexico. Contacted
      Sandino Flores and Federico Mena-Quintero to see if they can
      represent GNOME.
    * Discussed partnership with Mobile User Experience Conference,
      thanks to Dave Neary.

Private Items

    * N/A

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