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If you are interested in hosting the GNOME booth at OpenSource World, please let GNOME marketing know, marketing-list gnome org.


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From: Don Marti <dmarti zgp org>
Date: Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 7:32 PM
Subject: Dot-Org Zone at OpenSource World
To: Don Marti <dmarti zgp org>

 (You are receiving this mail because you're a
 previous participant in the .org area at LinuxWorld
 Conference and Expo, or because you have applied
 or expressed interest in a booth in the .org area.)

This year, the show has a new format with a "sponsor
showcase" instead of the large trade show area.
The sponsor showcase is designed to make it easier for
smaller, innovative companies to exhibit on a turnkey
basis, instead of rolling out the whole circus of
a conventional trade show.

Changes from the old LinuxWorld include:

 show schedule: the new format is one day of
 "community day" events, then two days of regular
 keynotes and technical sessions. This format
 should be familiar to Southern California Linux
 Expo attendees.

 Cloud and Data Center: co-located with CloudWorld
 and Next Generation Data Center. Those have their
 own programs with separate program committees, and
 are likely to attract an overlapping but different
 IT audience.  Time to break out of preaching to
 the choir?

 Admission price: $0. Previously there was a very
 easy-to-get "exhibits only" pass and a relatively
 expensive full conference pass. Now, there's a
 single pass, free of charge to qualified attendees
 (plus, of course, .org volunteers.)

The .Org Zone at OpenSource World will be located
in a dedicated meeting room adjacent to the sponsor
showcase area. It will feature ten projects and
organizations, selected by the Program Committee.
We're looking for organizations that want to connect
with our audience of IT professionals.  OpenSource
World is focusing on sysadmins and working IT
managers, not just developers and user group members.

This area is for projects that do not have a single
main corporate backer or sponsor -- however there is
a special rate on booth space in the main "sponsor
showcase" area for all dot-orgs, including in-house
or semi-in-house ones.

Organizations will receive a table for display and
discussion, electricity, and signage.  To apply,
please fill out the web form at:

If you have any questions about participating
in OpenSource World this year, please mail me at
dmarti zgp org, or call me at 510-332-1587.  If I
can't answer your question I'll put you in touch with
the right person at IDG World Expo HQ.

I know there are a lot of open source event
opportunities this year, but I hope you'll be able
to participate in the event that's offering free of
charge access to open source content and conversation
for the IT people who need it.  Thank you for your
support of LinuxWorld, and looking forward to your
support for OpenSource World in the future.

Don Marti
Conference Chair
OpenSource World 2009

P.S.: check out our conference Planet at:
http://planet.opensourceworld.com/ -- and if you're
planning to attend, send me the URL for your feed.

Don Marti                                 +1 510-332-1587 mobile
dmarti zgp org
See you at OpenSource World: August 11-13, 2009 in San Francisco

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