Co-ordinating GUADEC schedule after Monday

Hi all,

There's a very rough provisional schedule for GUADEC and Akademy
starting to solidify now - and I'd like to see us have a smidgin of
structure to affairs after the core sessions on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The very rough schedule is below, and on the website.

To summarise, we have 3 days set aside for core sessions & talks,
followed by 4 days for BOFs, hacking sessions, local language talks, and
themed sessions.

On Tuesday, the GNOME Foundation advisory board will meet all day. while
this will take some key people out of circulation for the day (both
company representatives and board members), it shouldn't stop us from
organising BOFs.

On Wednesday, the foundation AGM will be held (probably in the morning),
and we will have a GNOME Mobile themed day for the other half-day.

On Thursday, Edu day is planned, with some talks and BOFs lined up by
the local organisers around the theme of free software in education.

Finally, on Friday, GUADEC-es will target hackers with Spanish language

What I would like to see is for us to have 2 or 3 pretty disjoint themes
per day or half-day, with a co-ordinator, where we federate good content
which wasn't accepted for the core days, and brainstorming/BOF type
sessions led by the community leaders in the area.

I would like to see a Documentation half-day, a l10n/i18n half-day, an
a11y summit, a Web Integration day, and why not a GNOME 3.0
brainstorming/design/hackfest day?

Are there any groups out there who have already planned to get together,
who would like to run a themed half-day (or full-day) and who have
people who would be prepared to take on the subject and run with it,
co-ordinate BOFs and presentations, and generally make their sessions rock?

We can co-ordinate schedules on the gcds list:, which I
hope everyone attending the conference is subscribed to, or on
guadec-list - or just reply here.

Thanks for the interest!


Saturday July 4th: Desktop Summit Track

    * Opening Talks(10:00)
    * Desktop Summit track. Keynotes.

Sunday July 5th: GUADEC / Akademy Core talks

    * GUADEC talks
    * Akademy talks
    * Social event (21:00)

Monday July 6th: GUADEC / Akademy Core talks

    * GUADEC talks
    * Akademy talks

Tuesday July 7th: talks and assemblies

    * GUADEC informal talks
    * GNOME Advisory Board meeting
    * KDE e.V assembly
    * Local programe (courses and talks in spanish)

Wednesday July 8th: working day. Assemblies

    * GUADEC informal talks
    * Akademy BoFs
    * Hacking sessions
    * Local programe (courses and talks in spanish)

Thursday July 9th: working day.

    * GUADEC informal talks
    * Akademy BoFs
    * Edu-day
    * Hacking sessions
    * Touristic visit (14:00)
    * Local programe (courses and talks in spanish)

Friday July 10th: working day. GUADEC-es / Akademy-es

    * GUADEC informal talks
    * Akademy BoFs
    * Hacking sessions
    * GUADEC-es
    * Akademy-es
    * Closure (18:00)

Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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