The Travel Committee is ready!

Dear happy Foundation members:

We are happy to announce that the Travel Committee is ready!

This new team will be in charge of processing requests for travel
and/or accommodation sponsorship for conferences and other activities
related to our beloved project.

The Travel Committee is composed by: Rosanna Yuen, Emily Chen, Chema
Casanova, Sir Ross Burton and Germán Póo-Caamaño.

Some things you should know:
* Any information you send the TC will be private
* Asking for sponsorship *does not* guarantee you will get sponsored
* Always choose the most economical option when possible
* A good application with good information will be processed faster

In order to know how the Travel Committee will work and how you can
ask for sponsorship, please read the wiki page: (carefully!)

Yes, the Travel Committee is ready to receive applications for GUADEC
travel. :o)

Applications will be received until April 27, 2009, 19:00 UTC;
answers will be given before May 11 19:00 UTC. You can start sending
your applications now!

Remember that travel requests from GNOME Foundation members have preference.
If you are not yet a member this is a great time to join!

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