Re: Call for projects for grants

2009/4/1 Dave Neary <dneary gnome org>:
> Hi,
> As far as I know, grants are typically given for projects that are
> beneficial to the general public but not immediately profit-makers. You
> can target an area where there's money - like accessibility, research in
> the internet, open government/citizenship and perhaps education. I'm
> short on ideas for many of these fields, but perhaps there are legs to
> exploring them?
> Some ideas I have are:
> Accessibility:
>  * Perfect a free software eye tracker program like OpenGazer (needs a
> *lot* of work to be usable & stable)
>  * Gestual commands - this existed when I was a young lad, you drew "N"
> with your mouse on the screen & this opened netscape. Would be very
> useful in touch-screen environments.
>  * Open voices - doing quality synthetic voices is a lot of work, major
> research project & lots of time in a sound studio with specialised
> actors. Funding one (or several) in various languages would be useful.

GtkWebkit a11y support would also be nice.

> Education:
> Not sure what we could target as a project here... probably something
> concrete like a development project in partnership with a deployment,
> perhaps with an existing big GNOME user like Extremadura?

Actually improving the state for big deployment system administration,
lockdown settings, and other stuff.

For this, we can get in touch with Juanje Ojeda. He's a foundation
member and he's working on the Guadalinex project in the Andalusian
local government (a Linux distro for education, the biggest Linux
deployment at Spain). He probably has a wide grasp on what's missing
and what can be improved in GNOME for the educational sector. I'm
pretty sure he's on the list, but I've put him in CC just in case.

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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