Foundation Budget for 2008

Hi all,

Here's the GNOME Foundation budget we've prepared for 2008. It's nearly
ready since mid-january, but we were trying to make it perfect. It's
obviously impossible, and instead, we'll try to keep this document alive
and to make some slight changes here and there during the whole year if
there's a need for this.

I'd like to thank Dave: he was the one doing last year's budget, which
has been a good basis, and he helped to start this year's budget.

Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Here's a very quick overview of the "result" of this budget:

(Note that the GUADEC budget is not included by default in the totals,
since we're keeping it separate.)

Some interesting items:

  + currently projected income: $217,000
  + currently projected expenditures: $256,261
  => we're projecting a $39,261 loss so far


 + $40,000 are allocated for the business developer which we don't have
   yet. This amount of money means (s)he'll join us around or after the
   middle of the year, but this is most probably related to us paying a
   head hunter...
 + the budget assumes we'll have 3 $10,000 hackfests without any
   => hopefully, we'd get some sponsorship
 + we'll likely spend a bit more (I'd say between $5,000 and $10,000)
   for community development (Latin America tour is not complete, for
 + no head hunter fees taken into account for the search for business
   => it's supposed to be three months salary, according to some
   comments I received

Also, we do have money in our bank right now, so it's okayish to lose some

Big picture is: we'll probably lose some money this year if we do
everything that is planned in this budget.

If we need to remove some items, hackfests probably come first if
there's no sponsorship. Then, it's a decision between sysadmin and head
hunter/business developer.

However, if we can hire a business developer, this would also mean we'd
have more income in the future and that this budget would be okay
without a problem...


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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