GNOME Foundation and Mozilla Foundation join forces

GNOME Foundation and Mozilla Foundation join forces

The GNOME Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation announced today that
they will increase their collaboration to improve developer support and
user experience of desktop applications on GNU/Linux and other free
software systems.

The partnership has three aspects:

  * The Mozilla Foundation will join the GNOME Foundation advisory
    board, helping set the long-term direction of the project.
  * Mozilla reaffirms its commitment to integrating with the GNOME
    platform for the XUL development platform, and for Mozilla Firefox.
  * The Mozilla Foundation announces a grant of $10,000 to the GNOME
    Foundation, to be spent on the improvement of the accessibility of
    the GNOME desktop environment via the "GNOME Outreach Program:
    Accessibility" program.

"GNOME and GTK+ have been our environment of choice for years. As we
move from desktops into the mobile market, we will continue to work with
GNOME to ensure that Mozilla and Firefox users on GNOME platforms will
have the best experience possible", according to Mozilla evangelist
Chris Blizzard.

"Mozilla and GNOME people have been collaborating for nearly a decade.
Together we've been able to make contributions to the foundation of each
other's platform - from GTK+ to Cairo to browser desktop integration",
says GNOME Foundation Director Vincent Untz. "But the real story is
about two organizations sharing many common values including our shared
commitment to innovation and bringing freedom to our user base."

Both projects actively support open standards and formats. Mozilla
contributes to the W3C HTML5 working group and WHATWG working group, in
order to ensure an open web platform for all future Internet users.
GNOME is a member of the ODF Alliance and works with other desktop
projects under the umbrella to offer the best user
experience to desktop users. These involvements aim to create space for
innovation and to give freedom to the user.

Read the full announcement at:

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