Re: Changes to the GNOME board

Hi Gregory,

> As I wasn't sure what the procedure was for the board of directors, in
> the case of a resignation, I went and grabbed a copy of the bylaws
> from  Section 4
> subsection d it states that the board can fill a vacancy by a vote of
> the remaining directors.


> I do have one question about the bylaws, though.  I seem to recall a
> large discussion about changing the term of the directors to be 18
> months instead of 1 year.  However, Section 3 subsection a still
> states that directors hold office for one (1) year.  I also noticed
> that the history information at the bottom of the document states that
> the last change was April 5, 2002.  I'm sure that the discussion I
> recall was more recent than this.

Yes, the there was a member vote to change the bylaws to allow each term be
between 12 and 24 months, as determined by the board before the elections.
This change was proposed to enable us to adjust the beginning of the term to

> What is the current term of a member of the Gnome Foundation Board of Directors?

The term of the current board is 18 months and ends at the end of June 2009.
Expect back to 12-month terms after that.

> What is the official location of the Bylaws governing the Gnome
> Foundation?  If it is the above URL, and the term is not still 1 year,
> how can we get this copy updated?  If it's not this URL, can somebody
> tell me where it is, and can we make link to it
> prominently?

Luis has been working on an updated draft.  I let him answer what the current
status is.


> Thanks,
>      Greg
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