Re: New GNOME Foundation Members

Em Sex, 2008-12-05 às 18:05 -0300, Bruno Boaventura escreveu:
> Hello everybody!
> The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is pleased to present the new members:
> - Fábio Ricardo Nogueira
> - Licio Fernando da Fonseca
> - Mario Gonzalez
> If your name is on the list above, you're welcome!!! Feel embraced!
> Being part of GNOME Foundation you're contributing more with GNOME.
> If you aren't on the list, and you are close of one of them, please
> say "Welcome to GNOME Foundation" and embrace them.

Welcome, guys! And now for Fábio and Licio: I didn't know you would come
to the Foundation. Good to see you around!

Leonardo Fontenelle

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