Re: Call for hackfest ideas

> More specifically, some pixbuf loaders (png and tiff) load the entire 
> image, and then scale it. This leads to huge memory usage (bug 142428) 
> loading the image.

Yes - I reported this a a Gnome security problem about eight years ago.
Quite a few gnome apps fed small compressed images explode.

> Worse, after the initial pixbuf is loaded, the gtk+ scaling routines 
> collapse for high scaling ratios (bug 80925). A 20 kilobyte png file can 
> bring Nautilus to its knees (bug 522803).

Yes - well known, never fixed

> I don't have the expertise to fix any of this, but I do want to make the 
> problems known...

Unfortunately they are well known but nobody seems to care. I'll forward
your message to the vendor security list and we'll see what happens.
Probably the bug just needs to be made *very* public to incentivise
people to fix it 8)


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