Re: On Boston Summit organization and delegation [was Re: A question to candidates]

Hi Jeff, all,

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

<quote who="Ghee Teo">

Have the board paused and thought why the Summit has to be Boston? Is it
because most hackers work around Boston? May be it was the case.
Because there's a critical mass of developers there -- most of both the
Red Hat and Novell desktop teams.

Dan Winship points out on IRC that while this was true when the Boston
Summit was created, there aren't a lot of Novell desktop hackers left in
Boston these days. Perhaps a roaming Columbus Day weekend conference (still
in the USA) would be a good thing?

Just a note... I can probably find some good space at the University of Toronto (Canada) if it was ever required. It is generally easier for folks in some countries (like China, and Russia) to get visas to come here, and it is a cheap flight for Bostonians. There is a Red Hat office here, not sure about other GNOMEy elements.


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