Re: two questions for candidates


Le lundi 26 novembre 2007, à 10:28 -0500, Richard Stallman a écrit :
> 1. Would you change anything in the GNOME Foundation statement about

I might have changed a word or two, and I would have liked to see this
statement out sooner, as others said... But no big change.

> 2. How do you think the GNOME Foundation should support the Free
> Software Movement in general?

My first reaction to this question is that it's quite vague to me. I
mean, I can reply "the GNOME Foundation is already supporting Free
Software because it supports GNOME and wants to see GNOME more widely in
use, and because it's advocating Free Software, and...". But this is no
news to anybody here, is it?

The goal of the Foundation is to support GNOME, and one of the core
values of GNOME is freedom.

Now, sometimes, it makes sense to support the movement by participating
in some campaigns with other organizations. We've done this with the "Go
for OFL!" campaign:
This is just an example, of course, but this gives you an idea of what
we can do.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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