Re: two questions for candidates

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> <quote who="Richard Stallman">
> > 1. Would you change anything in the GNOME Foundation statement about
> > OOXML?
> I'd probably include a message about not fighting OOXML on political
> grounds because they have no impact on the ISO standardisation process. To
> succeed, we need to fight OOXML under the terms defined by ISO, which
> means nuking it as hard was we possibly can on technical grounds.

Actually, a very important point, which I'm not just saying because this is
a reply to a question from Richard... :-)

What I *wouldn't* change in our statement is that the number 1 point in our
position statement was Software Freedom, and that our final comment was to
encourage people to contribute to Software Freedom.

That's important because ultimately, whatever goes on with standards and
their impact on our industry, *our* number 1 priority is Software Freedom,
and making sure our users can access it, use it and enjoy it.

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
   "Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light." - Spike Milligan

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