Re: two questions for candidates


On 11/26/07, Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
> 1. Would you change anything in the GNOME Foundation statement about

Mmmm, I would have included a line in all-caps saying "GNOME
Foundation doesn't like OOXML, we have someone in the committee
because standard or not Ms is gonna push it everywhere, so we are
taking the chance to ask questions and raise concern on all the
problems we can find." :).

I think the statement was fine, a bit longer than what the regular
netizen would read however, so my new line would only be to avoid lazy
netizens spreading FUD.

As Jeff says on another thread, statement or not, the people "hating"
us for being there is not going to ever be happy. So I'd print that
line only to make it clearer for the ocassional bystander.

> 2. How do you think the GNOME Foundation should support the Free
> Software Movement in general?

By keeping the high quality of GNOME and supporting the grow of our
great community (note that it's on hackers hands to do it, but on
Foundation's to encourage it).
I always like to talk about GNOME when people asks or wonders about
free software being "too hippie" or "non serious". My personal view is
that GNOME is a great argument for confirming that free software can
be more serious and efficient than any other privative alternative
(think about our release cycle).

I think the Foundation is already helping free software by supporting
GNOME and promoting it, it also does a great job being a proxy to all
the companies interested in the project.
Nuking the brick walls for GNOME also nuke them for other projects.

see ya!

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