Re: A question to candidates

<quote who="John (J5) Palmieri">

> Well one week point is the board seems almost foreign to the every day
> GNOME contributor.  People vote and pretty much forget about the inner
> workings until Slashdot gets a hold on some sensationalized story and a
> press release is put out and still to the outside world the role of the
> foundation is unclear.  It is hard to figure out weak points because it is
> hard to see exactly what the foundation does.  I would fix this by
> communicating any decision, from the mundane to the sensational, in an
> easy to digest format on my blog.  Meeting minutes and press releases are
> just not enough.  Active engagement of the community is a must.

I created a Foundation blog on blogo, but only the other day, so I figured I
should wait for the new Board to come in to bless it as an official voice of
the Foundation. I think this would be really cool, and not only because the
manually updated news feed on is so boring (it really
only contains major announcements anyway). :-)

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
   "PHP, when it first came out, didn't really have any merits, and many
    claim it still doesn't, but it filled a void where a simple tool to
            perform a simple task was needed." - Rasmus Lerdorf

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