Re: Questions to the candidates

Hello :)

On 11/22/07, Anne Østergaard <anne oestergaard nu> wrote:
> Questions to the candidates:
> Will you apply for the position as new Executive Director for GNOME?

No, I don't think so.

> Will you apply for any paid position within GNOME while serving as board
> member?

No, if I'm elected that's because other members are willing to trust
me to be on the Board for a given period of time and I think I should
respect that and complete this time as long as it's possible (life
always have surprises).

> Will you attend at least 90% of the board calls?

I will try to, the goal is to be there at 100% of the calls. I think
my timezone helps (GMT-5) and also that I have flexibility with my
free time.

> Can you accept competing official ISO standards?

It's better to have just one, but if by some reason there's more than
one, well we either reject one and leave part of our users out or we
use both and give users freedom to choose. Similar to what others said
in the first question-pack thread.

> What is your position towards official standards that do not meet the
> gennerally accepted definition of a free and open standard. Such as
> Microsoft OOXML?

I don't like them :). I'm really mad when I receive documents in
"freedom unfriendly" formats and when I open them they are all mutant
and horrible, it's a shame to have this impossed over people that is
not aware of the problem. So the answer would be no, I don't like this
kind of stuff at all.

Feel free to ask for clarification if I didn't understood any of your
questions correctly.


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