Re: GNOME Foundation Elections 2007. Let's start the debate!

On Nov 21, 2007 11:24 AM, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> * Find a way to better track what the board is currently dealing with,
>   so nothing gets forgotten. I've tried doing this only with mails and
>   some notes here and there, but without success. It should be done in a
>   much stricter way. I'm starting to believe this should be the (main)
>   job of one of the directors (it's a bit different from being a
>   secretary, because it implies pinging, pinging, pinging, pinging). I'd
>   volunteer to do this.

I think it probably works best for the secretary to do this- it is
different than the traditional role of the secretary, but it isn't a
problem to add to that role, and since the secretary has to record the
tasks/actions anyway, it seems reasonable to add it to their plate.

FWIW, I'd probably do it through an online todo list- I'm partial to
tracks [ ] but I could see doing
it in the wiki as well.


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