Re: FOSDEM '08

Le jeudi 08 novembre 2007, à 20:31 +0100, Philip Van Hoof a écrit :
> Is somebody this year taking care of the GNOME developer room at FOSDEM?
> I think this year you have to request one. Let's not forget to do
> that :) (has somebody done this already?)

Well, we had to request one every year in the past too ;-) Christophe
Fergeau has taken care of it, as usual. He also asked for a booth, but
we don't know yet if we'll get one. I'm pretty sure he'd love to get
help for the call for "papers".

Btw, last year, most of the GNOME organization at FOSDEM was done by
GNOME-FR, but it probably makes sense to involve GNOME-NL and GNOME-DE
people, especially if we get the booth. I guess we'll send a mail to
gnome-{de,fr,nl}-list in the next few weeks...


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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