GNOME Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 10th May 2007

Board Meeting :: 10th May 2007

Note: The meeting started at 19:20 UTC and ran to 20:20 UTC due to a
problem getting access to Sun's audio conferencing facility. Many thanks
to Quim Gil for organising a conf call at the last minute on Nokia's
conference call facility.

Present: Quim, Anne, Dave (acting secretary), Behdad, Vincent, Rosanna,
         Jeff (:35)
Regrets: Glynn

 o Opening the new bank account:

   Rosanna needs a letter on foundation letterhead, signed by an officer of
   the foundation, authorising her to open a foundation bank account. She
   has made a recommendation that we open an account with the Citizen's Bank.

   The initial signatories of the account will be Rosanna and Dave. The
   degree to which everyone should have access to online banking facilities
   (which includes the ability to make bank transfers) will be decided later.

   ACTION: Zana to write the letter that the bank needs and mail it to Dave
           to be printed, signed & returned.

 o GUADEC meetings:

   Board meeting & foundation AGM on Monday (Dave & Jeff)

   Hold the foundation AGM at the end of the day, and have an informal
   evening event/hang-out party for foundation members afterwards to allow
   a less rigid format,a nd to lighten the tone a little and make sure the
   membership feels they have access to the board. (Jeff)

   Make sure that the officer reports (treasurer, chairman) are made
   pre-AGM in writing on the foundation list, to free up more time for
   member's questions. (Quim)

   Propose to the advisory board to have the meeting with them on Sunday
     - this will free up the board members a little more for the
       conference proper, and carry momentum from the advisory board
       meeting into the week
     - Advisory board members & the board will have occasions during the
       week to go into more depth on the subjects that get brought up
       during the ad board meeting.

   ACTION: Quim to propose to advisory board a meeting on the Sunday
           before GUADEC.

 o Upcoming Advisory Board Meeting

   Only feedback so far has been from David Shlessinger of Access. No
   specific discussion topics proposed so far.

     o Propose a general theme - GTK+/platform development (Jeff)
     o Allow topics to develop around that theme
     o Invite GTK+ developers to attend
     o Give advisory board members a chance to bring things back
       to us (Quim)

   ACTION: Quil to mail advisory board with proposal and push for feedback
   ACTION: Vincent to contact Matthias and Tim to ask them to attend for GTK+

 o Other Business

   GUADEC 2008 -

   There are no proposals for hosting GUADEC next year that we are aware
   of. One Italian conference organising company contacted the board but
   there are no concrete proposals yet.

   Dave suggested it might be an idea to contact the major European user
   groups directly (gnome-fr, de, nl) and ask them to consider making a

   ACTION: Anne to remind foundation-list about the deadline, and
           point out the Italian mail is the only one we've received

   gtkmm Book

   Dave has put Murray Cumming in contact with Andy Oram of ORA to see
   about getting the gtkmm guide at

   published in book form. Andy has volunteered some time to have a look
   over the text and make some editing suggestions.

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