Re: Towards more collaboration between the academic world and the GNOME community

El mié, 25-04-2007 a las 01:05 +0200, Vincent Untz escribió:
> Hi,


> As you probably know, there have been some research done in the acadamic
> world related to GNOME in the past. However, from the GNOME point of
> view, this is not something we've been good at, or at least, we could do
> better. Like, keeping track of what has been done, pushing to get more
> research related to GNOME done, getting useful contributions out of the
> research projects used in GNOME, etc. We could even imagine the GNOME
> Foundation being a partner in research projects in the future (we're not
> ready for that now, of course).
> Some people within our community are active in the academic world, and
> know quite well how these things work. We'd love those people to
> participate in an effort to make the GNOME community more open to the
> academic research. The goal is to create links with labs and research
> teams, and hopefully be able to help define projects which will be
> useful to GNOME.

I work for GSyC/LibreSoft [1], a research group at Universidad Rey Juan
Carlos in Spain mainly focused on libre software engineering. GNOME,
both as a project and as a community, is present in a lot of our
studies, mainly because in the group there are people already involved
in the GNOME community like Alvaro del Castillo[2] and me[3]. 

So, we are very interested in participating here, since we are already a
link between GNOME and research world.  

> So, how do we make this happen? A few key people will be needed to lead
> this effort. We'll create a mailing list, which will be used to discuss
> how we can improve such collaborations, but which will also serve as an
> entry point for researchers who want to work with GNOME. We'll need to
> be open about proposals coming from researchers and as helpful as
> possible. One of the first steps will also be to find people in
> universities and labs who could be interested in collaborating with us.

We are interested in collaborating. 

> GNOME resources are of course available to make all this happen: svn,
> wiki, mailing lists, website, and many other things.
> Feedback is welcome, and volunteers will be cheered :-)
> Thanks,
> Vincent


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