Re: Call for invitations to be the host of GUADEC 2008

On 3/23/07, Baris Cicek <baris teamforce name tr> wrote:
On Fri, 2007-03-23 at 11:29 +0100, Christian F.K. Schaller wrote:
> I think we should in general encourage people who think they are located
> in a place that make it feasible for people in west Europe and the  US
> to go there to apply to host GUADEC. Even if they are not in Europe per
> se. For instance I it struck me that Morocco could be a good alternative
> when I was there, as its cheap in terms of food and lodging, yet
> reasonably well connected with cheap flights (EasyJet flies to Marrakesh
> from both London and Madrid for example). I am sure places like Egypt,
> Israel, non-European parts of Turkey and Russia have similar setups.
> Of course even within 'Europe' we have kept things quite far to the west
> so far so there is for sure opportunities for a spread of applicants
> even with that constraint in place.
I'll talk w/ our local GUG about if we can organize to host GUADEC next
year in Istanbul.

I'm all for Istanbul!


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