Regional gatherings ROCK! [Was: GUADEC 2008]

<quote who="Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay">

> Anne Østergaard wrote:
> > Call for invitations to be the host of GUADEC 2008
> > 
> > GUADEC is the yearly GNOME Users and Developers European Conference.
> Does that automatically exclude those outside EU from sending proposals ?

Yes, but don't let that stop you organising a regional gathering, such as:

 * Boston Summit (USA)
 * (Australia)
 * Forum do GNOME (Brazil)
 * GNOME Developer Meeting (Chile/Venezuela)
 * FOSDEM GNOME Room (Belgium)
 * ... and many more!

These are a hugely important part of local and worldwide GNOME culture and
community development. Perhaps a GNOME meeting at FOSS.IN would be a good
way to kickstart something in India?

- Jeff

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