Re: GNOME annual report

На пет, 2007-03-16 во 15:32 +0100, Dave Neary напиша:
> Hi all,
> In secret, for several weeks around the end of the year, myself, Quim
> Gil, Davyd Madeley, Glynn Foster and a few other people worked on an
> annual report for the foundation, which would cover all the major
> projects that the GNOME project was involved in as well as the areas
> that the foundation was working on developing the project.

Hi Dave,

Great work!

I would just like to point out a small error in the report. 

GNOME was deployed on 5000 computers in Macedonia in around 370 schools,
not in 5000 schools as said in the report. Too bad you already printed
hard copies. :)


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