Re: Supporting Gtk+ Maintenance

<quote who="Tim Janik">

> So for the foundation board, there are two things that can be done
> to improve the current situation:
> 1) Please present the issue at hand (this email and the email linked
>    to above) to the advisory board members, to make sure the companies
>    involved are aware of the situation. And if possible, spread the
>    word to other involved parties or (non advisory) companies.

Your timing is fantastic -- we're having an Advisory Board meeting tomorrow
morning. I will bring it up then. :-)

> 2) Please investigate if the hiring/sponsoring of a full time Gtk+
>    maintainer position by the Gnome foundation is also a possibility.

Current and previous boards have been very cautious about the idea of hiring
developers. We'd prefer to hire people who can support the work of hackers.
That's not to say it's completely off the table, but there's more we can do
with contributing companies beforehand.

Just for the record, I'm taking this issue very seriously. It's one of the
reasons I brought up GTK+ collaboration with the GNOME Foundation (and the
other project mentioned during the GTK+ meeting at GUADEC).


- Jeff

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