Re: an open-audit voting system for GNOME elections

Interesting, thanks for your interest in the GNOME democratic space.

Is your project based in a specific voting system or can it integrate
different ones? For instance, now we are using in GNOME a simple
system of most-voted-get-elected, although there have been discussions
about integrating a preferential voting system.

If we were going to think of using better voting tools, it would be
worth to discuss and agree whether we are happy with the current
voting system or we prefer to go for another one.

Not big deal, but I think that a preferential system would respond
better to our will and needs. Perhaps too much for a chance if we need
to do the implementation, but if someone if offering his expertise
willing to develop a great voting tool...

On 3/12/07, Ben Adida <ben adida net> wrote:

Hi all,

My name is Ben Adida, I'm a postdoc fellow at Harvard working on crypto
and public policy. I spend a bunch of my time on voting systems,

Quim Gil ///

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