Re: Regarding OOXML and Microsoft patents

> 	* The validity of the statement that we can be stopped from
> 	  implementing OOXML:   Has a lawyer weighted into whether the
> 	  patent grants in the Microsoft OSP are not sufficient?   All I
> 	  have seen so far are opinions from advocates, with no legal
> 	  background.
> 	  Our own lawyers consider that the Microsoft OSP sufficient.

Is that as a result of the patent deals between Novell and Microsoft
however ?

> > Thus we remain with the conclusion that it is very important to 
> > campaign for ODF and reject OOXML as a "standard".
> It seems to me that the we are trying to participate in the game of
> "club your opponent with the standard club".   

ISO has policies on standards. OOXML fails to meet them on so many
grounds that any other vendor trying to play the games around OOXML would
have had their document thrown out already.

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