Propose agenda items for meetings at GUADEC 2007

Dear GNOME Foundation Members.

Soon it is time for this years GUADEC 2007 in Birmingham.

We are -as every year- all looking forward to this exiting event with
hard work, fun, and meeting friends.

Most of you are preparing what you want to do, during these for our
community so important days.

As usual there are many important meetings going on during a very busy


The board would like to ask you if you have items to propose for the
agenda for;

- The GNOME Foundation Board Meeting?

- The GNOME Foundation Membership Meeting?

The reason we are asking you the foundation members is because we want
everybody to be involved and feel responsibility and ownership for the
future growth and direction of our GNOME community.

So please take time to think about which 3 or 4 questions you consider
being the most important issues for our GNOME and Free Software
community to focus on for the immediate future.

You are likely to become involved in the work connected with tasks you
are proposing :)

On behalf of the board

best regards

Anne �tergaard

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