GNOME Planet is currently unmaintained


For more than three months I have been sending e-mail messages to the current GNOME Planet editor Jeff Waugh but I got no answer. I also tried to contact him in the gnome-hackers chat channel but the only answer that I got was "I'll look into that", but nothing never happened.

I think that the GNOME Planet is an important service since it allows the communication between the different people hacking GNOME. In fact, I think that is too important to be handled by single person with a clear work overload. I think that one solution is that more than one person act as editors to the Planet.

I'm currently administrating two Planet sites based on the PlanetPlanet software. I have some time that I can devote to help administrating GNOME Planet if extra help is need it.

I'm pointing out this issue because I think that is a problem that should be addressed soon.

Best Regards,

Jordi Mas i Hernàndez, HomePage
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