Help us formulate a budget

(resend of the mail I sent to gugmasters-list)

Postnote: we could do with getting requests in quickly - if your local
group needs money this year, or you have a great idea for something that
could use a few quid sponsorship to do with GNOME, please pipe up by the
end of next week.

Hi all,

The board is working on a budget for the foundation for the year, and
we're looking for suggestions for things which user groups are
organising and would like financial assistance with.

I would like to see some brainstorming here on general things which we
could do to help user groups in general (like the event box, getting
some big posters and t-shirts printed and sent out to groups on demand,
that kind of thing) but also specific information on the events that
you're planning, and the amount of help you would like to get from the
foundation (and our sponsors, of course).

A good proposal will be accompanied with a fairly detailed breakdown of
costs - for example, if you want to invite a GNOME advocate to give a
keynote at a local conference, an estimate of the cost of the plane
ticket, and a short description of the conference, would be appreciated.
If you want sponsorship for a local event, then some idea what the money
will be used for will be needed.

Open mic! Jump on in.


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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